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Who was Grosseteste?

Welcome to the Electronic Grosseteste, a web-site dedicated to providing electronic access to the Latin works of Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253). Materials relating to Grosseteste's life and the thirteenth century may also be found here. The British Academy provided the pump-priming funds in 1999-2000. Further funding was given by St Louis University in 2003/4. Access is freely available to all users, although some parts of the site will require registration (see our Privacy Policy) Users are also welcome to download texts in public domain, but there are copyright notices concerning specific texts and images .

Right: A 14th-century Portrait of Grosseteste: London, British Library, MS Royal 6.E.v, fol. 1ra. Reproduced with Permission.

British Library MS Royal 6.E.v, fol. 1ra. Reproduced with permission.